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proud owner of an epileptic pug who is the best reason to cheer and smile at life. someone who likes design but can't even use photoshop; loves indie music and some other stuff... passionate about baking, movies and being on her own,learning how to deal with alzheimer becuase of my mum. Deeply inlove with the photographer of my life, the designer of my dreams and smiles.
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Amnesty International USA (took from their facebook page)

We are outraged that a Russian court found 3 members of Pussy Riot guilty of “hooliganism” today for singing a 30 second protest song and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in a penal colony! SHARE this image to stand in solidarity with Masha, Katia and Nadia + send a message to Russian authorities:http://bit.ly/freepussyriot 

They need to know the world is watching and they can’t get away with their continued crackdown on free speech.

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