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proud owner of an epileptic pug who is the best reason to cheer and smile at life. someone who likes design but can't even use photoshop; loves indie music and some other stuff... passionate about baking, movies and being on her own,learning how to deal with alzheimer becuase of my mum. Deeply inlove with the photographer of my life, the designer of my dreams and smiles.
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Hola… acabo de regresar a mi laptop y resulta que fui a meterme en facebook un momento y me encontré con que no puedo ingresar a mi cuenta. 

A según ellos, 

For security reasons your account is temporarily locked

Unfortunately, your computer may be infected with a virus.
Don’t worry. We’ll help you find and remove any infected files right away.
Los carajos me están obligando a bajar MacApphe yy no me dejan ingresar a mi cuenta… no sé, esto no lo entiendo y no me convence.
Suggestions any one? Necesito entrar porque yo manejo la cuenta del FB de la oficina desde mi usuario u_u 
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